To promote the May release of Australian cartoonist Diana Thung's "Captain Long Ears" SLG Publishing's put together a video trailer in the tradition of its "Pinocchio: Vampire Slayer" and "Birdhouse" offerings. Leading with the promise of a young boy imagining himself as a space ninja, the trailer wastes no time in establishing some key concept palpability.

Unfortunately the book's eight-year-old protagonist Michael is engaging in escapist adventures in the shadow of his father's unexpected passing rather than via happier means. With his mother consumed by a workload designed to distract her from despair, Michael and his imaginary purple gorilla friend Jam, set out on his birthday to the theme park his father had taken him in years past. What happens next will force Michael to grow up much faster than other kids his age.

"The book is really about the power of imagination as well as about a young boy learning to deal with death and loss," said Thung in an official press release.

Initially, the book's premise reminded me of Grant Morrison and Sean Murphy's "Joe the Barbarian" at Vertigo. Closer inspection, however, reveals hearty differences between the comics beyond the concept of a young boy grieving the loss of a father through fantasy. Fans of one of the works could very well dig the other from what's been revealed so far though, which would qualify as a win-win scenario.

Check out the full trailer after the jump.