"Pinocchio Vampire Slayer" writer Van Jensen went into HeroesCon with two secrets last weekend. 1) The full title of he and Dusty Higgin's upcoming sequel to last autumn's wooden puppet thriller and 2) An image teasing said title's supporting cast. Well, we just so happened to chat with Jensen at the show, but were too distracted by his life-size Pinocchio carving to take a proper photograph. Luckily, today's PVS Facebook update coupled with a fresh update at Robot6 saved us the trouble.

"Pinocchio Vampire Slayer and the Great Puppet Theater," due out this fall from SLG Publishing, is set to introduce the mighty marionette to his metaphorical brothers and sisters beginning with the curly-headed Harlequin. Jensen was kind enough to throw around words like "pirates" and "violence" when describing the story setup to us at HeroesCon, which more than ensured I wouldn't be leaving the show without a lot of awesome scenarios running through my head.

So how close will the story line up with Carlo Collodi's original romp through The Great Marionette Theater? Judging from this teaser image, I doubt any puppets will be used as firewood to cook a lamb dinner.[Via Facebook and Robot6]

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