Dav Pilkey, author of "The Adventures of Captain Underpants" has been relatively quiet since the multi-book series (and its "Super Baby" spinoff) began to wind down a few years back, but the creator has returned to Scholastic with a brand new project entitled "The Adventures of Ook and Gluk: Kung-Fu Cavemen from the Future."

Created by the CU and SB idea men George Beard and Harold Hutchins with a story and art by Pilkey, the series will follow the adventures of two time-displaced cave boys who learn Kung-Fu in the future in order to return to the past and battle a futuristic corporation laying waste to their prehistoric village...more or less.

Scholastic's press release is calling the series of books graphic novels, but they seem to fit CU's half novel/half comic format and will even feature the "Flip-O-Rama" animation gag (flipping pages quickly to simulate action) in every chapter.

Pilkey's singed a four-book deal, with the first book dropping in August with 1 million printed titles, meaning Scholastic means business. The publisher's reportedly printed 45 million copies of the CU series, so it's nice to see faith in a series that emphasizes the joy of comics, even if they don't seem to emphasize the joy of comic book creation the way the CU series did.
[Via ICv2]

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