The third, and by our estimation most intense, arc of Casanova will a potentially mind-bending conclusion next week in the pages of Casanova Avaritia #4, by writer Matt Fraction, artist Gabriel Bá, colorist Cris Peter, letterer Dustin K. Harbin and editor Alejandro Arbona. The issue marks a major milestone in the series' six-year journey for both its creative team and longtime fans -- especially given its transition from Image Comics to Marvel's creator-owned Icon imprint and the significant transformation it underwent via the addition of colors and hand-lettering by Peter and Harbin in the re-collected first two chapters, Luxuria and Gula (featuring the art of Fabio Moon). Marvel has provided us with a first look at five pages from the issue, which arrives in comic shops this coming Wednesday, June 20. You can read the five-page preview (lightly censored for NSFW language), after the jump.From Marvel's official solicitation info:

One of the most critically acclaimed series of the year comes to its catastrophic conclusion. CASANOVA: AVARITIA #4 answers every question (almost), solves every riddle (kind of), and explains absolutely everything you ever wanted to know about the world of CASANOVA (in a way). Casanova Quinn, hated on all sides by tyrant and hero alike, must flee from time and space, aim one batch of enemies at the other, kill everybody and save everything simultaneously. Don't be afraid: you are an apocalypse dreaming of butterflies + the first part of reincarnation is dyingÖ By the Eisner-laden team of MATT FRACTION (AvX, INVINCIBLE IRON MAN, THE MIGHTY THOR, FEAR ITSELF) and GABRIEL BÁ (UMBRELLA ACADEMY, DAYTRIPPER).

Check out five pages from Casanova Avaritia #4 below:

[Click select pages for the versions with the NSFW naughty words]

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