Good Thing: Furious 7's 'See You Again'
With Fate of the Furious --- the eighth thunderous installment of that most improbable of superhero franchises --- fast (and furiously) (and fatefully) approaching, it’s a good time to appreciate the music video for Furious 7’s “See You Again.”
‘Ghost in the Shell’ Review: A Vapid Shell With No Ghost and Nothing to Say
There’s a huge problem at the center of Ghost in the Shell. You already knew that, though. You’ve heard about the whitewashing controversy and the problems of co-opting Asian culture for western audiences. But as bad as you might have heard that whitewashing problem is, it’s even worse. It’s impossible to discuss the movie’s troubled treatment of identity politics without spoiling some big reveals, but before we get into those, there are plenty of other things that make the live-action remake a disappointment.
Jordan Peele in the Running to Direct Live-Action ‘Akira’
Life was good for Jordan Peele — star of a massively successful sketch comedy show, a nice little recurring role on FX’s Fargo, and he’s married to Chelsea Peretti, one of the coolest, funniest women currently working. Then he sprung his directorial debut Get Out on an unsuspecting America and everything rocketed to the next level. The massive windfall he conjured with a paltry $4.5 million budget blew open the gates of Hollywood for him, and like all novice filmmakers, a high-profile sophomore feature can’t be far off. Today brings the news as to what that next step might be, and it appears that Warner Bros. has big plans for Peele.
Breaking Macho: What 'Logan' And 'Lego Batman' Have In Common
Earlier this month, X-Men fans were treated to Logan, a Wolverine movie … without Wolverine. A sort of adaptation of the comic Old Man Logan (although more in tone than plot), the movie imagines a future where mutants are nearly all dead, and a barely hanging on Logan is low-key doing chauffeur work to take care of a decrepit Charles Xavier. When some bad guys go after a young girl named Laura suddenly in Logan’s care, the ex X-Man takes a road trip to get her to safety --- while killing a lot of people who get in their way.’ While some are comparing Logan to Deadpool, the other R-rated film starring a Marvel hero from the past year, we should be looking at its similarities to another superhero film from 2017 instead; The Lego Batman Movie.
Spidey May Leave MCU After ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Sequel
The deal between Marvel and Sony that allowed Peter Parker to join up with the Avengers is actually kind of extraordinary. More often than not — all the time, really — studios jealously hold tight to their superhero properties, often, as with Fantastic Four, making movies just so they can keep the rights. But Spider-Man allowed two studios to co-parent a character, allowing Spidey and other Avengers to ping-pong between movie universes, appearing in both. That deal seems like it may be up in the air after whatever follows Spider-Man: Homecoming.
‘Justice League,’ ‘Aquaman’ Get IMAX VR Experiences
With VR an up-and-coming storytelling medium, all the big studios want in on the action. Gone are the days of 4-D pirate adventures with seats that spit water into your face. The people don’t want to be in the movie anymore, they want to be the movie. The latest studio to get into the biz is Warner Bros., inking a deal with IMAX’s new VR component for virtual reality experiences based around the Justice League.
Aaron Sorkin Might Start Writing for Both Marvel and DC
Because Marvel and DC seem to have gotten wind of the majority of our culture’s at best toleration of and at worst boredom with the current cookie-cutter state of superhero movies, both studios have been looking to bring in some new talent. Many of the upcoming films on Marvel’s slate will be directed by folks who only recently made their indie debuts. Now it looks like the studios are looking for fresh takes on the material in some more unexpected places. Like Aaron Sorkin, for instance.
‘Black Panther South Korea Chase Scene First Look Photo
Pretty much the the two things we definitely, absolutely know about Black Panther is that Black Panther will be in it, and it’ll feature a pretty grand-scale car chase scene in the middle of Busan, South Korea. They’ve been filming the car chase for the past week, which is why we’ve been hearing so much about it, and today Korea’s branch of the Walt Disney Company has released a first look image of the scene.

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