Good Thing: Furious 7's 'See You Again'
With Fate of the Furious --- the eighth thunderous installment of that most improbable of superhero franchises --- fast (and furiously) (and fatefully) approaching, it’s a good time to appreciate the music video for Furious 7’s “See You Again.”
‘Justice League,’ ‘Aquaman’ Get IMAX VR Experiences
With VR an up-and-coming storytelling medium, all the big studios want in on the action. Gone are the days of 4-D pirate adventures with seats that spit water into your face. The people don’t want to be in the movie anymore, they want to be the movie. The latest studio to get into the biz is …
Aaron Sorkin Might Start Writing for Both Marvel and DC
Because Marvel and DC seem to have gotten wind of the majority of our culture’s at best toleration of and at worst boredom with the current cookie-cutter state of superhero movies, both studios have been looking to bring in some new talent. Many of the upcoming films on Marvel’s slate …
‘Black Panther South Korea Chase Scene First Look Photo
Pretty much the the two things we definitely, absolutely know about Black Panther is that Black Panther will be in it, and it’ll feature a pretty grand-scale car chase scene in the middle of Busan, South Korea. They’ve been filming the car chase for the past week, which is why weȁ…

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