Parting Shot

Parting Shot: Totally Rad ‘One Piece’ Body Art
One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda's manga illustrations lend themselves to plenty of awesome body art and tattoo ideas, but Reddit user Dre2k has uploaded what may be the raddest on-skin representation of series protagonist Monkey D. Luffy I've ever laid my eyes on...
Parting Shot: Dynamite Reveals Variant Covers For Gail Simone’s ‘Red Sonja’ #1 [Art]
Last month Dynamite Entertainment announced a relaunch of Red Sonja, with the new monthly series to be written by Gail Simone. The publisher also revealed plans to have the series' covers be created by a rotating cast of women artists. Today, Dynamite released all six covers for Red Sonja #1, including work from Fiona Staples, Amanda Conner, Colleen Doran, Nicola Scott, Stephanie Buscema, and Jenn
8-Bit ‘Avengers A.I.’ Cover by Matthew Waite [Art]
Courtesy of the Marvel Comics Tumblr comes this thematically appropriate variant cover for Avengers A.I., the forthcoming series by Sam Humphries and Andrew Lima Araujo about an Avengers team that's basically a bunch of robots. Created by Matthew Waite, the cover depicts the team -- Hank Pym, the Vision, Victor Mancha, Alexis and Monica Chang -- in combat with some Age of Ultron bots in an 8-bit g
Parting Shot: World Responds To Japanese Schoolgirls With ‘Vadering’
Last week ComicsAlliance wrote about the recent trend of Japanese schoolgirls pretending to use Dragon Ball Z and Street Fighter moves on their hated rivals friends, or "hadoukening," then posting the amazing pictures on Twitter. Naturally, citizens around the world have taken this as the ultimate challenge and responded in kind with Vadering, in which you pretend to do the Darth Vader f
Parting Shot: Cyclops Would Be Even More Tragic As A Cat [Video]
While there are certainly more tragic stories in X-Men history, Cyclops' ranks pretty high. Never mind the whole "I'm now estranged from nearly all my loved ones because I went to extreme lengths to save my endangered race" thing. The real tragedy is that, for his entire adult life, no one he loves has ever been able to look him in the eyes...

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