While there are certainly more tragic stories in X-Men history, Cyclops' ranks pretty high. Never mind the whole "I'm now estranged from nearly all my loved ones because I went to extreme lengths to save my endangered race" thing. The real tragedy is that, for his entire adult life, no one he loves has ever been able to look him in the eyes. To do so would almost certainly lead to death, or at least a mild-to-severe concussion.

The only way this story could be more tragic, obviously, would be if Cyclops were a cat. For any who have wondered exactly how that would go down, Kaipo Jones has produced X-Men Origins: Cyclops Cat, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like, and is just as much fun as you could hope.

In an ideal world, "Cyclops Cat Was Right" t-shirts would be available this spring. Until then, you can check out the video after the cut.

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