Marvel Legends Guardians Vol 2 Titus BAF Series Review
With another new Marvel movie on the horizon, Hasbro has again turned to the cinematic oeuvre to provide the inspiration for its latest Marvel Legends series. Fortunately this year, the options at the cinema are more expansive than another batch of Avengers in various shapes and forms, and we've got a new Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor to look forward to watching. It's the former that inspires the first new action figure wave of 2017, and Hasbro's improved sculpting since the last film makes this collection of galactic heroes something special.
Blizzard's Overwatch Widowmaker Statue is No Nightmare
Though actual collectibles under the Overwatch banner have been in short supply --- mostly due to Blizzard's commitment to its brands --- the few pieces released so far have been spectacular. Already Blizzard has launched a statue line for Overwatch featuring Tracer and Reaper, but both of those pieces pale in comparison to the latest addition, Widowmaker.
Koto's Kamala Khan is Ready for Action, Adventure and FanFic
For not having had a whole lot of collectibles over the past few years, it certainly shaping up to be a good 2017 for Kamala Khan. The most current Ms. Marvel has been a fan-favorite since her debut, but only now are companies beginning to capitalize on a fanbase eager for ways to show their affections towards the teen hero. Kotobukiya's upcoming Bishoujo Ms. Marvel sets the bar fairly high for the rest of the competition, capturing Kamala's attitude and style without compromising her character.
Hot Toys Goes Homemade With First Spider-Man: Homecoming Figure
Boy that new Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer sure does give away a whole bunch of the movie, does it not? That's okay though. Any time we can see the delightful new Spider-Man in action is a good time. The trailer is chock full of narrative elements, and spends some time showing off the costume Tony Stark gave him in Civil War, but it also reveals one of Peter's earlier suits. While I definitely thought the homemade costume we'd been seeing in action figures was just going to play a bit part in the film, it looks like the budget wall-crawler outfit has a larger spot in the film than expected. Maybe that's why it's going to be the focus of Hot Toys' first official Spider-Man: Homecoming toy.
Jesse Quick Serves Shakes in Style as the Newest DC Bombshells Statue
Last year marked the fifth anniversary of the DC Bombshells, the fun exercise in retro variant covers that exploded into statues and an ongoing series about DC's fighting women of World War II. In those five years, we've seen a number of DC heroes captured in comic form, like Flash (on 2014's The Flash #32 variant), but many have yet to actually get their own statues. More than three years in the making, Bombshell Jesse Quick finally gets her collectible due, and becomes another stand out work in a line filled with hits.
Good Thing: 'He-Man' Mini Comics And Mythologies Of Childhood
I've never been a huge Masters of the Universe fan. I mean, not since I was seven or eight years old. I've never bought a figure as an adult; I don't even read the current comics, although I've considered it. But the toys, and the comics they came with, were really important to me as a child, and I'm certainly not above nostalgia. So I was happy to receive the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe: Minicomic Collection from Dark Horse for my recent birthday.
The Definitive Ranking Of Every 'Lego Spider-Man' Minifigure
Your friendly neighborhood Lego Spider-Man, clicking away like only a Lego Spider-Man can. Over the last few years, Lego has been in the Peter Parker business, and the result is a range of figures with surprising depth to their roster --- and some really surprising additions (and exclusions)! As huge Lego fans, ComicsAlliance has been picking and clicking Lego Spider-Man characters since they launched five years ago. And clearly we needed to rank them!
Spider-Man Marvel Legends Sandman BAF Wave Review
When it comes to Marvel Legends, Spider-Man is about as bankable a hero you can find. As the centerpiece for numerous lines in a given year, Spider-Man's action figure waves have been among the most diverse and impressive in Hasbro's Marvel Legends catalog. The latest Spider-Man series, which features the Sandman as a build-a-figure, is a prime example of everything Hasbro has gotten right with Legends, even if it also includes a few figures that fail to impress.
NECA's Superman vs Muhammad Ali Deluxe Figure Set Review
He's young. He's handsome. He's fast. And he can't possibly be beat. Such was the opponent Superman had to face to save humanity in the classic 1978 DC Comic that pit the "Last Son of Krypton" against the original "People's Champ," aka "The Louisville Lip," aka "The Greatest," aka Muhammad Ali. Now on the verge of the 40th anniversary of the one-shot comic Superman vs. Muhammad Ali, NECA has chosen to honor one of history's greatest boxing bouts with a deluxe action figure set that captures Neal Adams' style of the icons about as perfectly as possible.
You Can Save the Banner Bloodline With Mezco's Old Man Logan
Just when you think you've seen everything Mezco had to offer --- thanks to visiting with them at Toy Fair just a few weeks ago --- the company goes ahead and sneaks a surprise out into the wild. Though Mezco's One:12 Collective already has quite a packed slate for 2017, it turns out there's still room in the schedule for an all-new Wolverine. Or should we say, an Old Man Logan.

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