Costume has played a big part in writer Genevieve Valentine's approach to Catwoman since she took over the title with issue #35 late last year. Selina Kyle traded in her famous leather catsuit for a tailored black tuxedo to take on the role of Gotham City mob boss, a look designed to evoke power and status. The next issue, out this Wednesday, sees Sellina putting the suit back on to get her gloves dirty once again --- but that doesn't stop her from also wearing a pretty fabulous opera gown.

Check out our exclusive preview, with art by David Messina and colors by Lee Loughridge.


Joker variant cover, Javier Pulido


Valentine has written about the importance of costume and clothing on her blog, noting, "Comics are cinematic in their use of clothing to indicate character; it’s a great psychological and expository shortcut. The shift from Catwoman into Selina Kyle, Mob Boss would mean a lot of changes in her wardrobe, and everything she wore would necessarily reflect that change."

The costuming also changes over time to reflect progressions in the narrative; "[Selina] starts out on top, and as things become increasingly murky, the more her clothing looks like armor. The ballgown she wears in 35 is an amalgamation of Charles James and Zac Posen gowns, and represents a deliberate opulence and vaguely frigate-y comfort that we don’t necessarily see from her at any other time. This is her coronation, and she’s dressed for it." Yet Selina's overall look is consistent. "Clean lines, black everywhere, tailored but rarely tight." Valentine's character design notes and inspirations are well worth checking out.

Here's the solicitation:

Art by: David Messina
Cover by: Kevin Wada
Variant cover by: Javier Pulido
Written by: Genevieve Valentine
U.S. Price: 2.99
On Sale Date: Jun 10 2015
Volume/Issue #: 41
She’s still Gotham’s queen of crime –-- but now, in order to work all the angles, Selina Kyle is back as Catwoman!