CBS forthcoming ‘Supergirl’ series has yet to cast a leading lady, or even necessarily confirm a formal series order, but that hasn’t stopped development on the DC drama from revealing new details. Get early scoop on the costume and characterization of our new Kara Zor-El, and find out whether or not there’s a ‘Supergirl’-‘Arrow’-‘Flash’ crossover in our future!

Speaking from the ongoing TCA press tour, CBS president Nina Tassler stopped short of confirming that we’d see the new ‘Supergirl’ on CBS’ fall 2015 lineup, though she had plenty to say on the show’s direction and leading lady. For one, Tassler confirmed that ‘Supergirl’ would follow the network’s brand as a crime procedural format, but still incorporate serialized elements, as executive producers Ali Adler and Greg Berlanti pitched was “a real series arc for her.”

As to the qualities CBS wants in casting its Kara Zor-El:

She’s got to be an every woman. She’s got to be specific. She’s got to be a terrific actor. I think back to having had the good fortune of being at Warner Bros. when we were doing Lois & Clark, the chemistry between Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher was really wonderful. So I think in this case, it’s looking for someone who embodies both the freshness and the exuberance of being a young woman in today’s challenging climate and being someone who can carry this kind of series on her shoulders.

Tassler also revealed that the “awesome” costume in mind for ‘Supergirl’ was designed by by Oscar-winner Colleen Atwood, the very same to create costumes for ‘Arrow’ and ‘The Flash,’ but will that be the extent of crossover between the new shows? We know that no legal issues would prevent the characters of either network from crossing over, but Tassler seemed less optimistic of the notion, saying “That’s a different network so I think we’re going to keep Supergirl to ourself right now.”

Here’s how CBS originally described the ‘Supergirl’ TV series, which seemed to suggest the existence of a Superman moreso than the supporting cast would likely allow:

Based on the DC Comics character, the drama tells the story of Kara Zor-El, who was born on the planet Krypton, but escaped amid its destruction years ago. Since arriving on Earth, she’s been hiding the powers she shares with her famous cousin Superman. But now, at age 24, she decides to embrace her superhuman abilities and be the hero she was always meant to be.

Greg Berlanti and ‘No Ordinary Family’’s Ali Adler will write the script and executive produce the hourlong drama through Berlanti Productions’ Warner Bros. Television-based banner, with Sarah Schecter also executive producing.

Well, what do we think? Who would you like to see in the role of CBS’ ‘Supergirl,’ and how long might it be before serious conversations about ‘Arrow’ and ‘Flash’ crossover take place?

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