Whether or not CBS’ Supergirl has soared into the hit CBS was expecting, or bizarrely begun leaning on its Superman connections too much, there was little likelihood Kara would be sent back to The Phantom Zone just yet. CBS has officially picked up a full season of Supergirl, though perhaps not as full as some hoped.

Per CBS’ official order, Supergirl has received an additional seven-episode order for 2016, bringing the first season’s total to 20. That’s a little less than the usual 21-22 episode orders, though given Supergirl’s expensive effects, and a late start on October 26, it isn’t terribly surprising that CBS would play a little conservatively.

In the meantime, tonight will see Supergirl introducing another notable DC heavy-hitter, as Kara takes on Red Tornado in the aptly-titled “Red Faced.” Later on in the season, the show will also cryptically introduce a young Superman in flashback, despite the age differences between Kara and Clark during their pilot meetings.

You can check out the latest trailer for tonight’s Supergirl below, but were Kara’s adventures strong enough for a full season order? What can we expect from the back half?


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