Back in December we highlighted Victorian-era art of Chet Phillips and his "Union of Superlative Heroes" trading card set. And it's with great pleasure we bring to your attention that not only are those items back in-stock on Etsy, but also that Phillips has created an entirely new set named "Order of Nefarious Villains" to accompany the steampunk-themed product.
Priced at $20 for both the heroic and more villainous sets, or $18 for prints of specific characters, fans have their share of options to obtain the steampunky characters of their choice.

More than a few of the villains seem culled from the rogues gallery of Batman Marquis Le Bat, but the more... marvelous members of the Union of Superlative Heroes will find plenty of familiar foes to face within the set as well.

Check out a few of our favorites from the latest batch below:

[Via Neatorama]