"Scott Pilgrim vs. The World" finally arrives in theaters this week, and having seen it already, I can tell you that Chris Evans is absolutely glorious as Lucas Lee. With his tongue-in-cheek swagger and hilarious line delivery, Evans could easily shoulder a film or two with Lee in a starring role.

It seems I'm not the only one who thinks Evans should turn Lucas Lee into a one-man franchise, as the folks responsible for the forthcoming "Scott Pilgrim" movie have released a series of fictional film posters starring the arrogant skater-turned-actor. Lee's films range in genre from action-medical hybrids such as "Action Doctor" to the Nicolas Sparks inspired "Let's Hope There's a Heaven." That's not even mentioning the best title of them all, "Thrilled to be Here," which features the most excellent tagline of all time: "Spencer Jay is awesome. You're welcome."While these movies make little to no sense on their own, they're sweet, sweet nerd junkfood for fans of SP's second volume. Sadly, we'll probably never see any of these faux films come to fruition, so these posters will have to suffice for now. Check them out for yourself below.

[Link via Empire]

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