Being billed as the protege of Paul Pope is a pretty daunting promise to live up to, yet that's how boutique publisher Z2 Comics is positioning newcomer Chris Hunt for his upcoming graphic novel Carver: A Paris Story, a sinister noir a tale of murders and vendettas in the city more usually associated with lovers.

The proof of Hunt's talents will be revealed in full when the book debuts next month, but in the meantime you can develop a first impression from these exclusive preview pages, which introduce the murderous Stacker Lee, nemesis to globe-trotting adventurer Francis Carver. Hunt's style and storytelling seem to be distinctly his own. If you can see the hints of Pope's influence, you can just as surely see how Hunt intends to distinguish himself in these pages.



Here's how publisher Z2 describes the book:


Carver, from Paul Pope protege Chris Hunt, tracks notorious gentleman of fortune Francis Carver as he trots the globe on a noir-esque adventure to help the only woman he has ever loved. The second series in the new line of creator-owned periodicals from Z2 Comics, Carver is Hunt’s homage to Corto Maltese.

Says Chris, “I’m bringing a modern edge and sensibility to classic, serialized adventure storytelling, starting with the first storyline, Carver: A Paris Story.” The comic book follows the “man’s man” pioneer hero Carver as he tracks the villainous kidnapper Stacker Lee.


You can also check out some previously released preview pages below:



Carver: A Paris Story goes on sale in November.