In much the same way that the Avengers have Iron Man and the Justice League (on occasion) has Cyborg, the webcomics makers at Dumbrella also have a special ops member who operates heavy machinery. Chris Yates is that wonderful, puzzle-crafting man.
Though he does make comics, Yates specializes in wooden puzzles that will spin your brain around inside your skull after a single glance. The jigsaw wonders that he sells and shares via integrate everyone from Daft Punk and Cookie Monster to President Obama and the Statue of Liberty as seen in Planet of the Apes. (Tiny Charlton Heston!)

Yates calls his puzzles "Bafflers" for good reason. The expression on the face of the dog in his Pugs: God's Little Weirdos puzzle (Sorry, it's already been sold) represents the appropriate reaction from anyone tasked with fitting one of these mosaics back together.

Wrap your head around the genius at work in this creations below:

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