What we love/hate most about infotainment television is its predilection for non-ironic irrelevancy, and what we love/hate/mostly love most about Christian Bale is his penchant for amusing disagreeability. The two love/hates met pleasantly in a recent segment on ABC News' Popcorn segment, when host Peter Travers, for some reason, asked Bale to conclude what must have been a piercingly insightful interview with a song. Bale, naturally unwilling to sing a tune from his musical Newsies, suggested instead that he perform a few bars from The Powerpuff Girls theme song. The frequently cantankerous star of The Dark Knight sang the story of Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup with delight, and said that the track became stuck in his mind on account of his young daughter's affection for the classic Cartoon Network series.

Not to be outdone, Marky Mark*, who was also on hand to help Bale promote their new film, The Fighter, pointed out that he had sung Stan Bush's inspirational Transformers anthem "The Touch" in Boogie Nights, and proceeded to sing a line.

Two geek standards by two big movie stars in just under two minutes. Brilliant! Check out the video after the jump.

*Marky Mark is an accomplished actor and producer who must be taken seriously. But he was also Marky Mark of the Funky Bunch, and he must pay the price.

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