If you caught a glimpse of fashion-conscious artist Steffi Schütze on ComicsAlliance last week, you may have noticed that she shares a website with a talented guy by the name of Christian Nauck. He contributed Timberwolves artwork to that Marvel ESPN The Magazine feature last year, and his blog, as well as his portfolio on Nusillu.com, offer healthy galleries of Deadpool, Captain America and video game-inspired pieces.
You won't see another illustrator on the Internet today who can handle both Mario and She-Spawn with the levels of finesse that Nauck musters. His use of Cyclops' classic X-Factor costume and tender Spider-Man/Hulk moment should speak to you Marvel fans out there.

His Darkstalkers and Soul Calibur paintings are nothing to scoff at, though. Have a look after the jump, and don't miss his killer Daredevil and Naruto portraits. He's got range and energy, and nearly everything he's posted is trading-card worthy.