The fantasy, Marvel hero and video game art of Christian Nauck wowed us when we happened upon it earlier this year, and the guy is still at it. His lighter work on projects including Marvel Adventures Spider-Man interiors and Incorruptible covers shows off his cleaner, solid-colored work, but he can paint up a darker storm, too, when he's playing around with The Avengers and dragons.Nauck combines the inventive imagination of an illustrator like Niko Henrichon with the drama of a Gabriele Dell'Otto. Just check out the Hulk, Captain America and Iron Man in the pitch piece he posted recently to his blog at to see those talents in action.

Some of the most beautiful art in his deviantART portfolio doesn't even feature established characters. Take in his gun-toting jack-o-lantern and other wonders in his gallery there. He can even make a bird merchant look like a compelling character concept. Scope out some selected pieces below.