You may already know Christopher Sebela from his work on comics like We(l)come Back or Captain Marvel, but soon, you will know him as "the comic book writer who went to go live in a terrifying clown motel for a month to write a book about it," a phrase that I am almost positive will end up having "and was never seen again" added to it after this October.

That's right, everybody: In one of the most ill-advised decisions of all time, Sebela has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a month-long stay in Tonopah, Nevada's Clown Motel. And the best part? After being launched on Monday, the campaign is already fully funded --- so now he has to do it.



If you're not familiar with the Clown Motel, it's probably because you don't spend a lot of time reading lists with titles like "The Creepiest Places In America." Simply put, it's a motel full of glassy-eyed clown dolls and decorations that, even if you're not afraid of clowns in general, are still genuinely terrifying. Oh, and if that's not enough, it's next door to a 114 year-old graveyard.


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Now that the campaign is funded, Sebela will be staying there for the month of October, presumably attempting to deal with a full 30 days of night terrors brought on by staying in a room with a hundred clown dolls leering at you while a reminder of your own mortality checks in from across the parking lot. To be fair, though, the campaign will include a one-night break in another hotel that, while much nicer, is also reportedly extremely haunted.

Now that the initial goal has been met, Sebela's stretch goals include things like holding a séance at the hotel and purchasing a clown suit that he has promised to wear at least once, and backers can get an ebook copy of I Live In The Clown Motel for $10.

The $200 rewards, where you can visit Sebela in the Clown Motel and sleep in his room (there are two beds) have already been claimed, although it's worth noting that Sebela reserves the right to refuse you if "you seem weird," as though anyone who is not weird would pay $200 to visit a comic book writer during his month-long stay in a haunted clown motel.

Now that his goal has been met, Sebela is also recommending other projects backers can support at his Twitter account.