Society has some interesting -- and arbitrary -- ideas about when we should do certain things. We're told we should eat cereal for breakfast, for example, when it is clearly a 24-hour food, and drinking alcoholic beverages is frowned upon early in the day but smiled upon in the evening despite tasting just as magically delicious at both junctures. In a similar vein, you've probably also picked up the unspoken message from your parents, your teachers, or The Thing that the only appropriate time to clobber people is Clobbering Time.

Well, we're tired of clobbering people according to some culturally proscribed timetable, and so is the webcomic Diesel Sweeties, which is why they're printing up a shirt that lets the world know that you reject their artificial limitations on your clobbering, and from now on you will be clobbering people whenever you damn well please. Today is the last day to buy the tee, however, so hit it now if you want it.

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