The single greatest problem that I face in my life is that occasionally, I have meals that don't remind me of Batman. Fortunately, here in the future utopia of the 21st Century, that problem has finally been solved: The cooking blog Crackers on the Couch has just completed a theme week where it adds a little action to your dinner with Super-Hero Themed Soups!

From the refreshing coolness of Wonder Woman to the black bean vengeance of Batman, these things look delicious, and ensure that you'll never have to eat without thinking about comics again. Check 'em out after the cut!

Iron Man Roast Borscht:

Considering that, like most early Marvel characters, Iron Man has his origins in fighting commies, it seems a little ironic that his soup of choice would be a decidedly Russian dish. Still, the addition of the sour cream to a bowl of beet-based soup does a pretty awesome job of echoing the signature look of Tony Stark's repulsor-powered armor.

It's worth noting that, according to B., "this does take quite a while to roast everything," so it would probably be hard to cook it in a cave when you were being forced to build weapons for a terrorist organization. Still, the fact that it only has a little salt means it's way more healthy for your heart than taking a piece of shrapnel to the chest.

The Incredible Hulk's Minted Split Pea Soup

According to the recipe, you're supposed to cook this minty concoction on a stove, but I assume that in the absence of a gamma bomb, you can throw it in the microwave for a few minutes to get the required amount of radiation involved.

The (Yellow Split Pea Daal) Thing

On the one hand, this one feels like it's missing one last touch to sell it as the Ever-Lovin' Blue-eyed Idol o' Millions, but on the other, dropping a pair of blueberries into hot soup just for the sake of a joke is a pretty good way to ruin dinner. Either way, it's pretty amazing that the lumpy orange rock monster has inspired a suitably lumpy orange soup, and it's even kosher!

Wonder Woman Watermelon Soup

I've never actually had a chilled fruit soup -- those are mango slices making up the logo, not cheese -- but according to Crackers on the Couch, this one is just as good as a smoothie. It does not, however, point out whether or not it's so delicious that it can be used to force someone to tell the truth.

Batman Black Bean Soup

Finally, the one that kicked off the week, and -- not coincidentally -- the one that I think sounds most delicious of all. The combination of mushrooms and black beans might be a little too hearty to be carried around in a belt, but I suggest you have your butler prepare it for you anyway.

For the full recipes, head over to Crackers on the Couch! I assure you, they are way less horrifying (and sound far more delicious) than the concoctions in the Mighty Marvel Cookbook.

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