"Marvel vs. Capcom 3" may be on the cutting edge of comic book/video game crossover approaches, but one bold, forward-thinking artist out there has a vision of how things could be in a world where confrontations such as the Super Skrull vs. Ryu and The Hulk vs. Donkey Kong are commonplace.

The worlds of Batman and Metal Gear and Superman and Super Mario also collide in the work of David Stonecipher on Examiner.com. While The Hulk would probably turn DK into a furry pulp of a banana-scented mess, while Spider-Man and "Just Cause" headliner Rico Rodriguez might actually be a fun face-off to watch.

There's no way that Mario could out-fly Kal-El, though. If you've ever played "Super Mario World," you know that he only gains much speed at all when he's diving. If Mario grabbed an invincible star, however, watching to see what would happen if Superman punched him would be fascinating for scientific research purposes alone.

[Via Kotaku]

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