Metal Gear and Kinnikuman (a.k.a. M.U.S.C.L.E.) fans have some heavily-articulated action figure options on the horizon. Following a few years of concentrating on mid-to-larger-scale action figures, Kaiyodo's Revoltech line is returning to the more miniature market with "Revolmini" Solid Snake and Kinnikuman toys standing about 4.33-4.5" tall, respectively.

Both figures are set for a July release for ¥2,600/2,808 (about $26-28 USD) and come with rotatable eye parts that collectors can control via a special included wand.

The classic Solid Snake sports a Metal Gear look and comes with six interchangable hand parts, a pistol (with silencer), an automatic rifle, binoculars, landmines, a cigarette, and a stand.

Kinnikuman (known as Muscle Man and later King Muscle in the US) will come packed with fewer pieces, but still include a stand and six swappable hands to accomplish all of the character's cosmic pro wrestler posing. The figure is pretty similar in appearance to the previously-released Revoltech No. 128, although substantially more streamlined.

A few years back I picked up an EVA Unit 01 Revoltech from Kaiyodo. I was stoked because after a few years of collecting 5-6" Neon Genesis Evangelion action figures, I'd finally scored something closer to a more compact 4ish" scale. Unfortunately the toy's size had a price: Brittle plastic and a universal joint system that delivered on articulation but fell short on durability. An arm and a leg snapped off within minutes of opening the thing. Still, with larger scale Revoltechs climbing into the $40-50 range, the new line and its licenses have me hopefully that Kaiyodo will get things right this time around. I've had much better luck with the larger figures from the line in recent years -- especially with the recent Yotsuba and Solid Snake (from Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker), so there's reason to believe fewer broken thighs are in my future.

You can check out both upcoming figures below.


Kinnikuman Revolmini


Solid Snake Revolmini

Solid Snake Revolmini and Revoltech