The ThunderCats redesigns for the recently launched animated series on Cartoon Network really were rejuvenating and quite good, but artist Carlos Villa took the idea of updating Lion-O and Cheetara for a new generation just a bit further. Thanks to some thick frames, a loose-fitting collar and a Snarf necklace, any couple wanting to cosplay as hipster ThunderCats now has a visual aid to get started with.Villa, who goes by the name Zano on deviantART, has produced many other rad designs, too. He particularly likes video game characters, such as Solid Snake of Metal Gear fame and Rikuo from Darkstalkers. And he's even wandered into comic book character territory with a She-Hulk piece.

Villa's got a great eye for soft lighting, potent colors and energized poses. He also plays well with swords, although things do get somewhat bloody. Check out a few of our favorite specimens after the jump, and be sure to look at the rest of his stuff when you get chance.

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