If our weekly Ask Chris column isn't enough of definitive comic book (and pro wrestling) opinions for you, good news: ComicsAlliance is proud to present Here's The Thing, a series of videos where you can join our own extremely opinionated senior writer, Chris Sims, as he dives into comics history to explain why you're wrong and he's right.

This week, Chris takes a look at one of his favorite characters: Mario, the high-jumping, kart racing, princess-rescuing plumber from Nintendo's enduringly popular Super Mario Bros. games and spinoffs! He loves that guy, and odds are pretty good that you do too. But why? And how much of a character does Mario really have?

Show Notes:

  • Pick up the SH Figuarts Mario to adorn your desk, too.
  • Sadly, most Mario comics are currently out of print, but you can usually find the Nintendo Comics System lurking in quarter boxes everywhere.
  • All war is class war, and all class war is Genesis vs. SNES. This is a fact.


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