If our weekly Ask Chris column isn't enough of definitive comic book (and pro wrestling) opinions for you, good news: ComicsAlliance is proud to present Here's The Thing, a series of videos where you can join our own extremely opinionated senior writer, Chris Sims, as he sits in his living room under a framed portrait of Destro, drinking a cup of coffee and sharing his opinion on comic books.

This week, Chris dives into the series of events and storylines that led the Punisher to go from a hard-nosed killer vigilante to a (literal) avenging angel with a magical coat full of heaven guns who found out he'd been committing human sacrifices for years when a viewer requests an explanation of Punisher v.4, better known as "Angel Punisher." And believe us, he's not any happier about it than you are.

Show Notes:

  • Dr. Doom pint glass by Toon Tumblers.
  • The "VHS Era" of the Punisher kicks off in Essential Punisher v.2.
  • Ennis and Dillon reference the Angel Punisher storyline in the first issue of "Welcome Back Frank"
  • Punisher v.4 remains uncollected.
  • CORRECTION: I misspoke in this video and say that Punisher was introduced by Gerry Conway and Ross Andru in Punisher. He was, of course, introduced in Amazing Spider-Man #129.
  • ADDITIONAL CORRECTIONS: After the video went up, a few viewers pointed out that it wasn't Joe Kelly who wrote the "Daredevil gets his sight back" story, it was Professional Comic Book Writer Scott Lobdell. Additionally, J.G. Jones did not draw Black Panther -- I was thinking of Joe Jusko, who came on after Mark Texiera, who launched the book. For some reason my memory was slightly impaired while filming this one.