ComicsAlliance Presents “Kate or Die,” a series of exclusive comic strips created by one of our favorite cartoonists, Kate Leth! In this episode, Kate has some suggestions for gifts that will always be welcomed by anyone with a lot of comics to sort and store. If you happen to be that person, well, maybe you can use this comic to subtly point out what great gift ideas these are to your friends and family.




Kate Leth is the writer of Boom Studios’ Power UpBravest Warriors, and Adventure Time: Bitter Sweets, IDW’s Edward Scissorhands, Archaia’s Fraggle Rock, and the forthcoming Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat from Marvel. Kate got her start with the frequently autobiographical, always entertaining webcomic Kate Or Die. Published bi-weekly here at ComicsAlliance, Kate uses the strip to address topics germane to the comic book and broader nerd cultures.


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