The holiday season is upon us, and with that comes gifts! It’s always lovely to receive something special from someone you love, but there’s also a particular pleasure that comes in giving a really well chosen gift and knowing that it’s truly appreciated. Sometimes it really is better to give than to receive! In that spirit, ComicsAlliance is here to inspire you with some great ideas for gifts to buy for your friends and family. Each gift guide is tailored to a particular personality type or special interests, and today we’re looking at gifts for ugly sweater enthusiast!

Amid the holiday parties and shopping quests lies the seasonal obsession of ugly sweaters. While they were once the brunt of jokes, unconventional holiday sweaters have made a massive comeback in recent years, even inspiring the trend of the Ugly Sweater party. Like most types of apparel, the ugly sweater market now caters to all sorts of fandoms and fans. To help you navigate the endless piles of sweaters, we’ve compiled some of the best holiday sweaters we could find, for you to give as gifts (or maybe buy for yourself). Remember: 'ugly' can be awesome.


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