As one of the most powerful storytelling mediums on the planet, comic books are extremely capable teaching tools. Unfortunately, however, that potential to educate has an even great potential to be horrifically abused propaganda style.

Cracked has tapped into comics' potential for evil by pointing out six pretty hilarious examples of heavy-handed social/political/economic leanings shoved down children's' throats through the magic of sequential art and it is many shades of hilarious.

Some, like the Kool-Aid Man's misadventure, will fill you with love, while others may very well fill you with rage, but they will all most assuredly leave you craving more insanity. My personal favorite is an OfficeMax/Marvel heroes mashup promoting the value of teachers... and OfficeMax products. Remember: In the hands of teachers, there's no problem an OfficeMax rubber band ball can't solve. Head over to Cracked for a hearty shot of cynicism.[Via]

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