I've never been any good at those video games that force you to make moral decisions. Even though, on an intellectual level, I know that I'm not really murdering innocent villagers or stealing from merchants with mouths to feed, but I can't help it; I just feel bad for those person-shaped collections of pixels.

I can't say that I've ever felt the same way playing Mario games, maybe because I started my Goomba genocide at such a young age, or maybe it's because the enemies are shaped like mushrooms and turtles instead of human beings. But these brilliant Mushroom Kingdom propaganda posters illustrated by Fro are making me rethink my senseless sprite slaughter. After all, the Koopas are just soldiers being manipulated by Bowser's anti-Mario messaging.Fro is selling prints of each of these designs, as well as t-shirts bearing the fighting Koopa logo. Next time I play a Mario game, I'm still going after Bowser, but I'll say a little prayer for each little minion who gives his life along the way.

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