comiXology proudly informed us this week that its holiday season has been pretty rockin' and that its new year will start out on decidedly sure footing. The leading digital comics retailer for Apple devices including the iPad and iPhone announced via press release that at the moment there are more than 5,000 comics in its Comics by comiXology store, and that that application has been downloaded over one million times from iTunes.comiXology was an early digital comics provider on the iPhone, and ends 2010 as one of that platform's top ten most downloaded book apps. But the proliferation of the iPad in 2010 leveraged comiXology -- fueled by an abundance of content from over 40 comic book publishers -- to find itself in the top ten book apps for Apple's tablet not once but twice, in the form of comiXology's branded Marvel and DC Comics apps. All of this amounts to a 1,200 year-over-year increase in comics sales.

"Having a wide selection of digital comics available in 2010 is one of the main reasons why we were able to be so successful in 2010," said David Steinberger, CEO of comiXology. "We are extremely grateful to our great partners and fans and excited to expand our library for them to more than 5,000 digital comic books. ComiXology is deeply committed to give our customers the best content out there and thankfully, they have responded loud and clear with more than a million downloads between all of our branded apps to make us the top grossing book app for the iPhone."

The company also reported promising adoption of its Retailer Tools by direct market (print) outlets, and noted that 2011 will also see the mass deployment of comiXology authoring tools for small press and independent creators.

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