Starting today, ComiXology is opening its doors to new creators with the launch of ComiXology Submit, a portal that will allow creators to submit their work for self-publishing through the digital store.

Submit is currently only available as an invite-only beta, but if successful, the process will be made public and allow self-publishers to sell their wares on the same virtual shelves as Marvel, DC and Image Comics. "Every time we speak at one of the big comic conventions, the first question asked by fans is when we'll start accepting submissions."

ComiXology CEO David Steinberger told the VentureBeat website, adding that the plan for Submit is to allow creators free rein over the type and format of work they submit, as long as it's good enough. "I don't really see it as our job to police the kind of content, but it is our job to police the quality of the experience," Steinberger said, explaining that submissions can be color or black and white, and any page-length from eight pages upwards. "It is important that these self-published books stand up to what's already in the store... but the policies for reviewing submissions is not at all heavy-handed."

The submissions will be looked at by a team of reviewers within ComiXology, with creators notified about whether they have been accepted or otherwise as soon as possible (In future, Steinberger hopes to be able to provide feedback for those who are unsuccessful, to help them with future submissions). Creators will be able to set their own prices, with ComiXology taking 50% on each purchase after platform fees.

The first Submit releases are expected in around eight weeks, Steinberger thinks, with Submit opening to everyone early in 2013.

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