After realizing that his new talk show is produced not just fifty feet away from the legendary Warner Bros. Animation building at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, California, comedian Conan O'Brien rushed over to discuss comics and animation with Chief Creative Officer Peter Girardi and DC Universe animator/producer/mastermind Bruce Timm. O'Brien offered Girardi some humorously unhelpful criticisms of some characters from the DC Comics Encyclopedia, and rather unfairly forces Bruce TImm to design The Flaming C, a superhero based on and created by Conan O'Brien that once seen can never, ever be unseen.

Check after the jump for the full video."Whoever invented this one, he was trying to get out early for the weekend," O'Brien told Girardi in reference to Green Lantern, whose power is to create anything he can imagine - as long as it's green. O'Brien was also dismayed by the "dandy cowboy" Bat Lash, Ultra the Multi-Alien ("this is a f*cking mess") and, most especially, Captain Boomerang, whose weakness O'Brien identified as "pretty much any enclosed space where there's no room to throw a boomerang."

Later, O'Brien sat down with Bruce Timm, arguably the most successful television animator of his generation and responsible for the best superhero cartoons ever produced, and asked him t design a Conan-based superhero with "more of an ass" as well as loafers, stockings and garters, oven mits and a jai alai glove.

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