Here at ComicsAlliance, we've been fans of Conan O'Brien's Flaming C ever since the talk show host sat down with legendary artist and animator Bruce Timm to create the strangest super-hero he could imagine. Since then, the Flaming C has quickly become a favorite, even going so far as to replace Superman in the Young Justice cartoon, and now he's taken the next step: an action figure.

Customized by designer Paul Pape, the figure is not only fittingly based on the Timm-designed Justice League Unlimited figures, but also includes every strange element from the original design, including fishnet stockings, golf shoes, a jai alai glove, and an oven mitt complete with translucent steam!

In other words, it's awesome. Check out more pictures and a few ideas where to go next after the jump!

According to Pape, he's already sent the figure off to Coco's studio -- complete with a custom package detailing his action features -- and while I sincerely hope this thing ends up on the air, I'm even more excited for the possibility that this is only the beginning.

It might be a little early to start requesting a Pierre Bernard's Recliner of Rage playset, but after all, every super-hero needs a sidekick. And where would the Flaming C be without Andy Richter? You could even customize him out of a DC Direct Lightray!

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