Kidrobot can't seem to slow down on its superhero releases. Following a major DC reveal at Toy Fair 2013 and last week's release of a new wave of Marvel Labbits, KR's announced even more figures coming in the middle of March.

Leading the way is Marvel Munny 4" Mini line, with new DIY sets that give fans a chance to customize their own Mini Captain America, Mini Wolverine, Mini War Machine and Mini Spider-Man. These will all cost $9.99 like the Iron Man, Spider-Man, Venom and Wolverine figures that arrived as part of wave 1 a few months back.

Following these figures will be blindboxed Marvel Munny 3" Micro figures. There'll be 8 new blank figures in total, retailing for $7.99 a pop, and each will come packed with the decals and accessory of a given Marvel hero or villain.

At the smallest end of the Munny spectrum will be the 1" Marvels. This line of 10 vinyl figures includes Cyclops (Jim Lee style), Thanos, Wolverine (brown suit), War Machine, World War/Planet Hulk, Silver Surfer, Scarlet Spider, Carnage, Magneto and The Punisher. Unlike the DIY Munnys, each of these 1" figures arrive fully decorated and come with an optional zipper pull attachment that can turn clothing and other items into a zipline for $3.99 a piece.

You can check out all of the upcoming Kidrobot Marvel figures below.




[Via Kidrobot]

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