Fresh from its major DC Comics and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reveals at Toy Fair 2014, Kidrobot has announced more figures form its established Marvel Comics line. Beginning today, Kidrobot is following up its first series of Marvel Labbit vinyl figures with a second series of ten new minis and two deluxe Labbits.

The second series of Mini Labbits includes 2.5" versions of Spider-Man, the Thing, Captain America, the Hulk, Silver Surfer, Cyclops, Venom, Antivenom, Wolverine and Iron Man. Each of the figures sport each character's iconic accessory (or lack thereof), with Spidey spitting webs, Silver Surfer munching on a board, Wolverine wagging claws from its maw and more. Each of the minis comes blind boxed and retails for $9.99 a pop.

The 7" Ghost Rider and Deadpool figures feature a flaming head and a massive machine gun, respectively, in designer Frank Kozik's signature style. These, of course, are not blind-boxed and retail for about $49.99.

You can see all of the new Mavel Labbits below.


Marvel Labbit Kidrobot


[Via Kidrobot]