So, you know Toronto Mayor Rob Ford? He's been in the news lately as the central figure in a series of scandals including a conflict of interest trial and admission of using crack cocaine "in one of my drunken stupors." You've probably seen him on the news. And if you have, of course you've thought "I need an action figure of that guy, preferably in the 6" super-articulated Marvel Legends scale!"

Well, now you can finally achieve your oddly specific dream. There's a custom Rob Ford figure available on eBay from user nuffsaid 78 -- and it's only going to set you back $300. At that price, can you afford not to buy it?

nuffsaid 78


According to his eBay profile, nuffsaid78 has been at the custom figure game for some time, producing Marvel Legends versions of Superman, Batman, the Rocketeer and Rick from the TurboGrafix 16's classic Splatterhouse. Ford, it would seem, is his first entry into the political arena.

I'm not as familiar with Marvel Legends as I am with G.I. Joes and SH Figuarts, but if I had to guess, I'd say nuffsaid probably used a Marvel Legends Kingpin as the base. It's not exactly what I'd call flattering, but it is surprisingly accurate:



The crack pipe is, I assume, a completely custom accessory.

As of this writing, the auction for Marvel Legends Embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford stands at zero bids with an opening offer of $99, but if you're worried about getting the auction sniped out from under you at the last minute, there's a "Buy It Now" option that can add him to your bookshelf for $300 USD (more in Canada).


nuffsaid 78


nuffsaid 78

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