Now that NBC's Constantine series has its title character in place in the form of Criminal Minds' Matt Ryan, it's filling out the rest of the cast with a few actors who have appeared in shows that share Constantine's occult, macabre, and supernatural overtones.

Charles Halford, who True Detective fans know as the memorable Reggie Ledoux, will play John Constantine's old friend and confidant Chas. Also joining the cast are Lost's Harold Perrineau, who will play an angel named Manny tasked with overseeing Constantine's actions, and True Blood's Lucy Griffiths, who will portray the female lead, Liv (just like The CW's Vertigo Comic adaptation iZombie will star a woman in supernatural turmoil - get it? Liv? Live? harharhar), a woman marked for death by a demon.

Manny and Liv (what is it with comic adaptations and characters named Liv lately?) are seemingly new additions to the world of Constantine, though Chas will be familiar to comics fans and people who saw the 2005 Constantine movie. There, the character was a little younger and played by some guy. The TV version promises to be a little more true to the comics.

The pilot episode of Constantine will be written by David S. Goyer (The Dark Knight) and Daniel Cerone (The Mentalist). Neil Marshall, who directed the movie The Descent and several episodes of Game of Thrones, will direct.

[Via ScreenCrush]