Where does cosplay go after its visited the four corners of the Earth? If you're Japanese astronaut Socichi Noguchi, the answer is the stars!

Noguchi's been sporting a shirt modeled after Susumu Kodai's uniform from Space Battleship Yamato (aka Derek Wildstar of Star Blazers in the US) off and on since he arrived at the International Space Station care of the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) back in December. This latest image of Noguchi with fellow ISS astronauts Stephanie D. Wilson and Naoko Yamazaki was posted on JAXA's Web site Saturday, reminding Earthbound cosplayers of the possibilities zero gravity affords to pulling off authentic looks.

Some might argue that Noguchi wearing a tee isn't technically cosplay given that he's not sporting a full costume or going about his astronautly duties in character. In my humble opinion, however, Noguchi's awesome nod to his anime of choice gets a pass for, y'know, being IN SPACE! Nerdkind should really just call this a win.

Check out the astronaut's cosplayish attire in a video broadcast from the International Space Station after the jump.

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