It looks like Takashi Yamazaki's cinematic take on the "Space Battleship Yamato" anime (also known as "Star Blazers" in the US) is shaping up to be the special effects laden affair its rumored $22 million budget suggested it might be. Rather than simply showcasing a uniformed crew from inside the bridge of the Yamato like an episode of "Star Trek: The Next Generation," the new trailer showcases outer space dogfighting, interplanetary exploration on foot and lots and lots of lasers.

Twitchfilm has a first look at the upcoming anime adaptation with a full trailer that sort of balances human drama with special effect heavy action. My crude understanding of Japanese gleaned from watching subtitled anime hasn't clarified much dialogue. Fans know that two of the Yamato crew have had gender swaps - specifically Aihara and Dr. Sado - but aside from that, the plot seems to jibe with what I've seen of the 1974 anime. I could be wrong, but you know, you say potato, I say Yamato.

Watch the new trailer after the jump.

[Via Twitch]

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