In this era of good fan trailer feelings, it's not uncommon for fans of certain animated series, video games or comics to find themselves fooled by a fellow enthusiast's handiwork in After Affects. One series nobody has to worry about, however, is "Star Blazers" now that its Japanese namesake "Space Battleship Yamato" will hit Japanese theaters this year.

io9 brought a few of the film's trailers to fans' attention at the crack of the month, but like many party-addled New Year's Evers, it escaped my higher faculties until this past weekend.

There's been a number of changes from the original anime series, specifically two main characters recast as females along with more action-oriented roles for the entire cast, but hopefully these mods won't distract from what's reported to be a fairly accurate adaptation plot-wise.

Whatever the case, I hope the movie is at least halfway awesome, especially because the series just celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2009. It'd be a shame to waste its reported $22 million budget. I mean, that's chump change to James Cameron, but it should at least pay for some rad space combat scenes.

Check out one of the trailers after the jump to see what you think.

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