Celebrities writing (or "writing") comics is nothing new; there have been imprints and even entire companies devoted to the somewhat dubious concept, but usually they involve celebs from television, film, and the occasional rock or rap star.

Now country music is now joining the party with to a upcoming graphic novel inspired by country singer Trace Adkins, about his alter ego action hero named "Luke McBain."

No, this is not a joke.

As I know exactly nothing about country music I did a little search about Adkins, and learned that his bio includes "10 years on an oil rig, losing a finger in an accident, running over himself with a tractor while intoxicated, a DUI arrest and being shot in the heart by his now-ex-wife."

Adkins, whom I now choose to think of as the 50 Cent of country music, will be releasing his comic through 12 Gauge Comics in November.