If you were worried about Marvel loosing Hulk powers onto the world, it's time to rest easy. The publisher's Project Gamma shown at SXSW is all about interactive sound rather than radioactive fury. The result of Marvel Entertainment, Momentum Worldwide and CORD teaming up, Project Gamma is billed as an "adaptive audio experience" that will respond to digital comics reading behavior starting later this year when it launches in full. Basically, PG will play audio while readers progress through a digital comic story, and tailor musical tunes and other sounds to a given reading pace on the fly to ensure there's not a generic looping soundtrack in the background. Marvel hasn't announced just which comics will get Project Gamma-ed just yet, but judging from the copy of Avengers #1 in the PG sizzle reel, Marvel Now may be a priority out of the gate. You can scope out Marvel's official Project Gamma sizzle reel after the cut to see what you make of the upcoming multimedia effort.