After the success of Habibi and Blankets, where next for cartoonist Craig Thompson? Turns out, the sky isn't even the limit as his new project, an all-ages graphic novel for Scholastic, heads into space to follow a young girl trying to save her father from the belly of an intergalactic whale.

Publishers Weekly reports that Thompson has signed a deal with Scholastic to produce Space Dumplins, his first full-color graphic novel, for the publisher. According to Thompson's own blog, he started work on the book late last month (after completing thumbnails for it back in April), and although he said that it was "a bit soon to reveal the details of the project," he did share sketches of Violet, the book's main character:

PJ Mark, Thompson's agent, told Publishers Weekly that the new book was about "a little girl and her misfit friends who set out to rescue her father from the belly of a planet-eating space whale." Shades of Ben Hatke's Zita The Spacegirl, perhaps, but considering Thompson's remarkable talents, there's little doubt that Space Dumplins will be well worth paying attention to when it's eventually released.

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