Science: North Street Labs have turned Captain N into Captain (e)N(vy) with the introduction of their NES light gun outfitted with an actual 445nm diode. [Engadget]

Creators: Despite canceling a few convention appearances, Stan Lee is reportedly doing just fine. [The Beat]

Covers: Buzzfeed has a first-look at Jim Lee's latest cover for Justice League #12, featuring Superman and Wonder Woman smooching in space. [Buzzfeed]

Toys: Medicom's upcoming 1:10 scale MAFEX The Dark Knight Rises Batman and The Amazing Spider-Man Spidey figures are looking detailed. [Toy Ark]

Anime: Viz Media's new anime streaming service, Neon Alley, will officially launch on October 2. [Crunchyroll]

Art: The Pixel Who art project has Time Lords and monsters galore imagined 8-Bit form. [Pixel Who]

Crafts: Pascalle Lepas cuddles Asgards most dysfunctional bros via a custom blanket. [Boing Boing]

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