I know almost nothing about Yoshito Usui's Crayon Shin-chan because anime is for nerds, but from what I gather, it involves a lot of butts. So many butts, in fact, that an enterprising Japanese confectioner has released a snack kit where you can make pudding in the shape of both the lead character's face and a slightly disturbing disembodied ass, which you can then eat.

Why exactly you would want to do this, I am not sure, but I will admit that when it's all together, itdoes look pretty delicious. Check out a video detailing the entire process below!


Okay, can we talk for a minute about how this video is super creepy? Maybe it's just me, but the silence of the person filming the process of making "sexy pudding jelly" just pushes this one from "weird" to "I am afraid I will be murdered seven days after seeing this."

I do think we can confirm that "Jelly" is the right term though. Jam don't shake like that.




Anyway, you now have the words "butt pudding" in both your browser history and your memory. Enjoy your weekend!


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