Do you like customized action figures? Do you like Deadpool? Are you a fan of gigantic robot battle suits? If you answered yes to all three, then prepare to freak the frak out. The remarkably talented John "Jin-Saotome" Mallamas has crafted one of the single coolest custom-made action figures I've ever seen in my life - none other than Marvel's Merc with a Mouth in his very own Iron Man-styled battle suit.

While there's nothing inherently impressive about Deadpool himself - by all accounts, it's just a standard 3 3/4" tall Marvel Universe action figure - the 8" mecha battle suit itself deserves to be worshiped by anyone and everyone with even the most fleeting of interest in comic books and toys.

The logic behind such a custom job is almost as brilliant as the work itself, as Jin-Saotome explains: "With the new Iron Man 2 movie in production Deadpool thought it would be a good idea to cash in on the hype and get himself his own robotic suit." Hilarious!

But the biggest salute is offered to the process behind making the figure. Jin-Saotome hollowed out an old Iron Monger action figure's chest and helmet/neck so that the smaller Deadpool figure could fit inside - a feat the customizer accomplished only after grinding down the figure's insides so that "the legs are now removable." Unfortunately, you won't be able to buy the figure directly as it was sold on eBay over the weekend, but make sure to keep your eyes locked on Jin-Saotome's eBay store for future customization jobs. Seriously, this guy is amazing

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