There are few things in life that I love more than my cats, but action figures and Don Cheadle are among those things. Imagine the utter joygasm in my heart, then, upon catching Bleeding Cool's advance glimpse of the War Machine action figure from the upcoming "Iron Man 2" movie.

The Website has posted a scanned page from the latest Diamond Previews catalog, which shows a mostly silhouetted photograph of Marvel Select's upcoming War Machine figure. That's right, amigos - we're talking about seven inches of pure Don Cheadle goodness, and it's not very often that you can make that statement without being incredibly inappropriate.

But as excited as I am about the future prospect of owning my very own Cheadle action figure, I have to admit that this photo leaves a lot to be desired. Don't get me wrong, the Cheadle likeness is spot-on, but that silhouetted shot kind of makes War Machine look like a ridiculously dumb Mega Man villain. I shall call him Forehead Gun Man, or something else that's more concise but still relays the message that he has a stupid gun sticking out of his forehead.

Honestly, what's the point in blacking out the War Machine figure in the first place, considering that we all know what the character looks like anyway? If Marvel's goal is to prevent me from making my very first Don Cheadle action figure purchase, then they have failed to achieve that goal. Stupid Forehead Gun Face Guy or not, nothing will stand in the way between me and Cheadle's plastic parts.

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