The CW must be pleased as punch with Arrow creators Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg, along with director David Nutter, because the network has asked the team to develop a new series based on The Flash.

Here's what we know so far, from Deadline: The series will definitely focus on Barry Allen, who will first appear on a few episodes in the second season of Arrow. Berlanti and Kreisberg will helm the series, and Nutter will likely direct the pilot.

The show apparently won't be introduced alongside the rumored Wonder Woman series Amazon, which has been put on hold because of script problems (a tune all too familiar to Wonder Woman fans).

Odds are the new series won't look a whole lot like the last time The Flash was on TV, in the notoriously campy Justice League of America pilot commissioned (and never aired) by CBS circa 1997. It similarly won't echo the much more well-received, but short-lived 1990-1991 CBS series that featured a full-on, comics-style costume, and a lead actor, John Wesley Shipp, who was already well into his 30s. The CW's superhero takes have tended to focus on twentysomethings and shy away from traditional spandex (except for all those times on Smallville when Hawkman or someone, dressed exactly as they are in the comics, showed up.)

Odds are the new show will take a cue from Arrow, which features a hero who is never called "Arrow" or "Green Arrow" and who kills a flat-out ton of people, especially since it's spinning off from it.