If you believe there is only the most tenuous of connections between French house musicians Daft Punk and the comic book industry and that our frequent coverage of the robots' activities (and those of Walker, Texas Ranger, for that matter) are nothing more than pathetic expressions of our limitless self-indulgence, then YOU ARE WRONG!

Behold, for example, this incredibly helpful guide to the evolution of Daft Punk's iconic robot "helmets" (they are actually their real heads, ever since a mysterious sampler explosion on 9/9/1999 transformed the French humans into disco robots). If it's not obvious to you how this material is plugged directly into the heart of comics, then I'm just not going to tell you. Deal with it.Compiled by Daft Club member Wolf Boy2027, the chart demonstrates Daft Punk's progressively less-is-more evolution of their headgear, starting from the heavily configurable LED helmets which featured hearts and smiley faces and other messages of peace, love, understanding and respect. This design was in keeping with the heavy pop disco flavor of Daft Punk's 2001 album Discovery. The duo's helmets and overall appearance became very stripped down with expressionless helmets and neck-to-toe black leather in accordance with 2005's Human After All, which showcased a far more sinister sound. As part of the Alive 2007 tour, those helmets and costumes were augmented with glow-in-the-dark versions that invoked memories of 1982's Tron, the sequel to which, Tron: Legacy, Daft Punk scored, and their modified appearances for that film are tracked on the chart as well.

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Look, if you really need an intravenous injection of explicit comic book Daft Punkiness, fine. Please enjoy this memorable strip from the great The Loneliest Astronauts webcomic by Kevin Church and Ming Doyle, the story of two marooned spacemen who can't stand each other - but not as much as they can't stand Daft Punk.

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